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Digital Therapy Machine


Product Information
Gross weight: 12.5kg / boxes
Net Weight: 12kg / boxes
Amount: 20 boxes
Carton size: 64.5cm * 27cm * 38.5cm
Product Accessories

dedicated folder ear of a line, two wires, a power adapter, two pairs of patches, special folder patch a pair of ears, description

Adaptive Symptom


A variety of acute and chronic diseases, rheumatism, periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, stroke, half fail, neuralgia, toothache and high blood pressure, insomnia, decreased immunity and so on.
1. Digital control, simple and safe; dialectical Chinese medicine, yin and yang conditioning.
2. Eight treatment: massage, massage, acupuncture, Gua Sha, can be allocated, Chuiji, sleep and immune regulation.
3. Function keys to choose a more humane, and liquid crystal display screen in the corresponding function, can choose any one of the functional model.

4. Large liquid crystal display, including the strength, time, features, models, in both English and Chinese display system and map the human meridian acupuncture points.
5. Unique feature of sleep, for the treatment of insomnia has a unique effect.
6. (A) automatic timing system, automatic identification shutdown, security design.
(B) 5-30 minutes from time to time to set the option of treatment.
(C) automatic / manual dual-mode option, fully meet the needs of personality.
7. Manual states: the use of the process of change in the treatment of function, not artificially lower the intensity of the treatment of auto-intensity dropped 0, could have been avoided as a result of the conversion feature and discomfort caused by high intensity.

8. Automated state: massage, massage, acupuncture, Gua Sha, can be allocated, Chuiji, followed by the role of immune regulation, 2 minutes for each function, at the same time can also change the function and treatment The same intensity.
9. Dual-output system designed for two people at the same time, one can also use the same two-l output.
10. DC, economical and convenient.

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